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Corporate Digital Branding

Incorporated as Venus Glucose Pvt. Ltd. on September 15, 1989, Venus has come a long way with four units across India and a well-established Venus Pharma GmbH in Germany. It's been a worthwhile journey with our primary focus on delivering healthcare solutions through exhaustive research, meticulous iterations, understanding the market needs, and expanding our global footprints! Supported by a team of diligent professionals, Venus continuously strives to work towards Mission 2025, keeping a strong hold on its Vision, Sankalp, and core values.

I fell into product management accidentally, and my story starts witha shot of luck and opportunity. Long story short, while I was working in the education field, I received an unexpected invitation to become a Data Reviewer in one company creating a data- aggregator platform. Over time, I moved to Business Analyst and later to Product Owner. But let’s go back to the root of this path: how was this possible? Well, something simple but highly valued — soft skills and the eagerness to do more and better. At first glance, I didn’t understand how my profile would fit into a Product career. But now, at this distance, I can see the product-related skills that I had, which worked as a huge booster to do this transition successfully.

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