Originnel : An E-commerce Website

Originnel is an organic food based brand based in Bangalore claiming to be both healthy and tasty.  Their products are completely free from pesticides, chemical additives, preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours, etc.

Originnel’s vision is to deliver freshly prepared snacks to their customers on the same day in Bangalore and within 2-3 days to neighbouring states. In order to achieve this, it was important for them to have their own E-commerce website in order to provide seamless experience to their customers right from order to placement to delivery.

The user experience had to be improved with proper flow to the website where the user was guided visually with interactions and stunning pictures of the products. Necessary integrations were made to the site such as payment gateways, trackers, and back-end dashboards to name a few.

The website was re-designed following the new brand guidelines with simpler & easier to navigate with web responsiveness.

The aim was to create Modern, responsive with optimized performance and speed since being an e-commerce website where any number of customer traffic should not affect the efficiency of the website! Data privacy and security were among the top priorities while developing.

A simpler checkout option allowed guest users and registered users to checkout without any hassle.

The revamped website was tested for usability and with most users seamlessly going through the website from landing page to checkout without any confusion.

With the right approach to problems, solutions come naturally. Our focus is mainly on the problem rather than seeking a solution first.!

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