Omron : Amazon Advertising

OMRON Healthcare India is a key player in the health care segment providing innovative medical technologies for Monitoring and Therapy.

The objective of this project was Brand recognition and improving sales on Amazon.

Importance of amazon advertisement :

Being the world's largest e-commerce storefront, which offers sellers to benefit from potential sales. Because of rising competition which forces sellers to engage more on amazon marketing channel. Amazon has provided facilities in helping sellers to advertise and market their products to increase their visibility which inturn increase their sales.

Amazon platform provided many solutions on marketing to drive sales :

Sponsored Products : Targetted potential customers with specific keywords. E.g. Targeting people searching for “BP monitors” or “Blood Pressure Machine” etc. on Amazon.

Sponsored Brands : Multiple products were promoted by targeting on relevant keywords as well as competitors.

Sponsored Display : Showcased on product detail pages of Amazon which was mainly used to target similar offerings from other brands.

Brand store: A complete website of Omron under Amazon domain used as a landing page for all the traffic generated from social media campaigns through which insights for views and conversion are extracted.

Campaigns : Custom campaigns were run to increase sales of specific products and categories & Awareness campaigns for customer education and brand building.

Created separate product portfolios with individual keyword settings.

Omron’s February month performance.

Total Spent INR 1 Mn, sales generated INR 25.7 Mn, Average cost of sales 3.96%, Click Through rate 0.7%.

Industry average CTR is less than 0.5%, we were able to get upto 0.7%

Acos reduced from 7% to 3.96% in the last 5 Months with right targeting.

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