GSK : Pharmaceutical Market Research

GSK India is Industry leader in the Pharmaceutical sector. They have provided healthcare solutions, with a wide range of prescription medicines across areas covering anti-infectives, dermatology and respiratory diseases. In the area of preventive healthcare, GSK Vaccines is the long-standing leader in the private vaccines market in India.

Our Research involved :

Research about pharmacists :

Deep insights on why Pharmacists suggested few particular brands compared to others were gathered in the research.

Consumer buying behavior in the retail front :

Our ground team set out to meet Pharmacists across Bangalore.We took data and stats on the consumer buying decisions for products with prescription and without prescription.

How pharmacist Influence a consumer to buy OTD products :

Suggestions and the inclination of pharmacists on the benefits that they could avail from brands were gathered.

Market research guides your business strategy which helps you avoid costly mistakes building credibility. !

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