Establishing Online Presence : Gayatri-vihar Sagar

Gayatri Vihar is a one-stop venue for weddings and corporate events. Located at Bangalore's prime location at Palace grounds. Gayatri Vihar provides a customized plan for events with services which you can vouch for.

Having a strong online presence is a crucial component for marketing strategy :

Creating an online presence was important since potential customers look online to find the best vendors and compare them for their pricing and service offered which has a huge influence on purchasing decisions and gives opportunity to increase customer base.

Challenge was to take up all their online channels and establish a strong online presence.

We focused on few aspects which could establish a strong presence for Gayatri Vihar :

Google My Business:

Gayatri Vihar's GMB was taken over by a third party wedding operator company, had no social presence, lack of communication of their service to their clients on-site. GMB from third party sites was claimed and we gained a huge advantage through which it gave us an understanding of customer behavior online. We optimized the information given through google my business impacting in such a way that the calls and the people visiting the venue via google maps increased exponentially.

Creation of Website :

The objective was build a website with a strong online presence that also drives traffic, leads and sales. A simple and basic website was developed with relevant content regarding the venue while portraying the all services all in one place in such a way that customers opt over other competitors. An easier way to communicate was established through websites via email or a phone call or just filling in the details to esquire, made them easier and feasible to give a push over their purchasing decisions.

Search Engine Optimization :

Objective here was to enhance the accessibility and connect the customers directly to the brand. Being listed on third party websites gave them lesser visibility over their competitors but gave a boost to the keyword. In order to increase the traffic over their website, visibility and increasing brand awareness as well. With relevant keywords and optimization, we were able to push the visibility to the first page on both google map location as well as the website via google search.

Social Media:

Created an optimized social media page a tool to connect to existing customers and interested new customers to form real relationships with real people. With regular updates and engaging content we could increase the brand visibility at an extent.

Online markets have a lot of impact and potentially skyrocket your business, make sure the word about your business is out there in various exciting ways. An important investment with huge benefits!

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