Boosting Sales On Amazon : Organickle

Organickle is a premium brand into organic homemade pickles using handpicked ingredients which are free of chemical and artificial additives.

Currently they are looking to sell their products only on online majorly on Amazon with the range of four products.

Our Objective,

Regarding this brand was to increase brand visibility on Amazon and subsequently increase their product sales.

We identified three areas which could be improved :

Keywords : Keywords are the most important thing when it comes to online selling. We did thorough research on the keywords which yield best results for Organickle and implemented those in their Amazon listing Title, description, and product details. This helped us gain organic sales on Amazon.

Visuals : It doesn’t matter what we are selling, what matters is how we present it. In order to stand out amongst numerous competitors the listing should differentiate itself from the rest. A listing with great visuals gets your potential customer’s attention quickly. We crafted a plan to highlight the things which make Organickle better than its competitors and added appealing visuals of the product which creates interest among the buyer.

Campaigns : We designed a multi-channel marketing approach for Organickle which helped us increase sales in the first campaign by 35%. We optimized our targeting and Keywords through the data from our previous campaign which decreased the ACOS value and increased sales.

Our all-round approach to Organickle campaigning helped us garner 35% of sales within the span of 7 day.

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