World Senior Citizen Day | Take care of your parents | Rehamo

They taught us how to walk, ride a cycle, make us stand when we fell down, they stood with us when we were wrong. They are the very foundations of our life.


It's time we return them the love and happiness. Share this video with your parents and express your love for them. #AapkiKushiHamariZimmedari

Link: https://youtu.be/mTjy_a-2aLs

This video was done for a brand REHAMO, who are a Rehabilitation and mobility store in Bangalore, Rajajinagar. The video was shot by IdealisticJack who did an Amazing job, Kudos to them.


Father - Balaramchandran

Son - Shreyas

Kid - Balu

Child's Father - Rohit Saraswathi

Special thanks to, Elders Heaven old age home, Bangalore. Link: http://www.eldersheaven.com/

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