Access Agro Biotech : Re-Branding

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Access Agro Biotech is a Bangalore based Agriculture company which manufactured products and provided consultations to the urban and rural agronomists. The company approached us for rebranding as they had a vision to expand their products aggressively on various E-commerce platforms and export to other countries. Their products were completely organic and were providing great results which they wanted to put it in front of a larger audience.

What we did

  1. Rebrand the company

  2. Design the packaging

How we did

  1. Brand Analysis

  2. Market Research

  3. Package and bottle design research

  4. Bottle design trails


Access Agro Biotech though pretty popular in rural regions of karnataka, they faced one huge challenge i.e., very few people knew the brand and they purchased based on their product names on of its successful products DISCON was so popular that none of very few people knew the company that manufactured it.

The company needed a strong brand establishment which effectively encouraged brand recall among its customers


Providing a branding solution to an agriculture related company was a first for our company, we had to learn in-depth the understanding of the audience of the rural and urban and come up with a solution which bridges the gap. We did detailed research on successful products and companies and the brand recall among rural and urban audiences. This helped us a great deal in crafting design solutions for Access Agro Biotech.

The key points which represented the new logo were:

  1. Growth

  2. Safety

  3. Control

Below are the Logo breakdown and the package design

Disclaimer - Detailed logo process is on the way

AAB had a wide variety of organic product range which could cater the gardening and agricultural needs of both rural and urban customers. We created a design language which would appeal to both the masses and kept the design minimalistic.

Every little detail was taken care of from product bottle designs to labeling to all the print designs which were to be used for marketing with a uniform theme ready to establish the brand on a large scale.

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